Do I have to be home when you clean my house?
Absolutely not. We understand people have jobs and things to do and places to go. If you are not home when we finish, you can call us and give us your credit card number over the phone. It is as easy as that.

Do you clean 2 story houses?
Yes we do. Our detergent sprayer can reach up to 30 feet in the air which can reach a 2 story building with no problem.

What if we decide we want you to clean our driveway or fence after you get here?
That will be fine as long as we are not scheduled to be somewhere else as soon as we finish cleaning your home. We will always try to accommodate your decision in every way possible, but we may have to schedule it for another day.

Do we need to move items away from the property?
We ask that you completely cover all items with a plastic cover of some kind. Please move cars away from the house. Please secure your pets inside. We will also secure your plants with a plastic covering if needed and water them down before and after the job.

Do you clean extra items around the house like statues, block walls, detached garages, sheds, dog houses, etc.?
Yes we can. We need to inspect those items and give you an estimate.

Can you remove oil stains on concrete from my garage or driveway that have been there for years?
Yes we can. Oil stains can seep through concrete and after years of resting in the concrete it makes it much more difficult to restore a brand new look. We have a technique that will clean it up.

Can you remove rust stains off my driveway and house?
Yes we can! Rust stains are just as ugly as oil stains. We have a special recipe we use to get those rust stains up. Do not be fooled with the store bought versions of rust stain removers. You get what you pay for.

How often should I get my house washed?
Every 2 years is a good time frame.

Do you guarantee to get my house 100% clean?
If any pressure washing company promises you that they can get your house 100% clean… run the other way. There are several factors that can stop that. The more intense of the fungul penetration can be a problem especially on painted stucco surfaces. The more we attack it with our solution, the more chances of damaging the paint job. Some infestations have been growing on your property so long, that not even chemicals can remove it because it has buried itself so deep into the surface material. The last resort is to simply remove the material and replace it.

Are there any special things I need to know that you cannot clean?
Here is a small list of things that might occur:

1. Artilary mold – this mold looks like super tiny shotgun spots plastered all over your vinyl siding or vinyl fence. You may not notice them from a distance and if you get real close, you still might not see it due to the dirt that is covering it. Now as soon as we clean off the top cover, the artilary mold will reveal itself. This stuff cannot be washed off. It has to be scraped off, and then it will leave a brown spot stain underneath.

concrete2. White spots after cleaning – Sometime after we give a thorough cleaning of a concrete floor, there might be a few white spot left behind. This is the result of the dirt or grime behind on the surface for an extended period of time. The grim has been there so long, it has basically destroyed that material in that spot, and when we clean it, sometime a white spot is left behind. We recommend a floor sealer to balance out the color of the surface.

What is my house has been painted more than once with a different color?
Please let us know this before we begin. We don’t want your new paint to wash away revealing some old paint. That is not good.

Why should I pay you for something I could do myself?

Simply washing a house off with detergent may sound like a pretty easy job as first, but once you begin, you will soon realize it is not as easy as you thought.

There are many questions to ask yourself:
What kind of surface need to be washed?
What kind of chemicals will get these different types of surfaces clean?
What size pressure washer do I need?
Am I prepared to pay to rent a machine from a rental company?
Will I clean my property or damage it with the high pressure?
Do I know how to downstream detergents and chemicals using a pressure washer?
Do I know the proper techniques for spraying on chemicals without creating streaks?
Do I have the proper protection for myself so the chemicals won’t hurt me?
Will I brush the entire home and scrub the gutters with a telescoping pole?
Do I need to climb on the roof to wash it?
Do I have a safe and sturdy ladder?
…and so on and so on.

Every job is unique and that’s how we treat each one. From driveways to decks to roofs we do it all. We are fully insured and guarantee satisfaction. Before you go to your local hardware store and spend hundreds of dollars on a cheap pressure washer with parts that won t last, give us a call.

Let us tackle this project for you. We will save you time, money and maybe even a sore back!

How much does it cost to clean my house?
We have flat rates for all jobs except floor cleaning which we charge per square foot. There is no way to accurately give you an answer for that until we come out and give you a free estimate, but typically most homes will run somewhere between $150.00 and 300.00 for 1 story or 2 story homes with 3 to 4 bedrooms if you are just looking for something in the ballpark.

How do you accept payment?
We bank at Fifth Third and we use a bank supplied merchant credit card machine which is 100% completely safe and secure.

What methods of payment are accepted?
We accept cash, credit or debit card. Plastic is better for both yours and our records.