House Cleaning Tips

Have you noticed a brown or green residue slowly building up on your siding, gutters, or patios? This is most likely algae, mold or mildew. This is no shameful problem unique to you, or any indication of poor housekeeping. It is a natural occurrance that lives off of moisture and dampness.

A lot of home owners have a similar question at some point in their lives, “Why is my house turning green and how do I fix it?” Chances are the green on your home is green algae, moss or mildew. The good news is it is fairly simple to clean. Pressure washing it off works well to move the organism off the house, but it pressure washing does not kill it. You need to use the proper chemicals that will kill it so it won’t simply grow back in 30 days. The proper chemicals will kill it. Then you as the homeowner need to take precautions so it won’t grow back.

How to Prevent Algae Mold and Mildew from growing on your house

Aside from hosing down your home, there are other ways to help prevent algae mold and mildew from forming on the side of your house.

  • Tree limbs should not be pressed right up against the house, as this can cause stagnant air and deposit organic matter directly onto your siding.
  • Prune all plants and bushes away from your siding, so there is ample air circulation in between them and the surface of the home.
  • Avoid aiming your sprinkler system directly at your house, because moisture can increase your chance of mold and mildew growth.
  • One way that many homeowners inadvertently import mildew to their home environment is in landscaping mulch. Mildew is a very common and natural growth on tree bark in the woods. When trees are harvested, the bark is converted to mulch, and the end result is that a new living organism has moved into your neighborhood, and wants to make a home for itself.
  • Install gutters that will divert rain water away from your home.
  • After a hard rain, make sure you wash off any wet dirt that may have splashed up on your house.
  • Edge and trim your plants and bushes so that they don’t lay against the house. Mold and Algae grows best in dark damp congested places. The more open airflow you have, the better.